Monday, January 13, 2014

Lyon & Gray Tattoo Clothing and Lyon Sims

Lamia Scale Lyon Tattoo Clothing & Fairy Tail Gray Tattoo Clothing & Lyon Vastia Sims

Lyon Vastia
* Fairy Tail anime manga series characters. *
Cas Screens:
*  Gray  Juvia  Lyon  *

Gray Tattoo Clothing: Download
Lyon Tattoo Clothing: Download
Lyon Vastia Sims: Download

Gray and Lyon Tattoo Clothing (all clothes categories) Lyon: skin lemonleafs B2.5 hair tsr 
everyday clothing sims 3 stor (Slapdash Outfit) or free ver. Shokoninio 
lyon tatto clothing (include)

Fairy Tail Inspired Pose Pack by Maru1e1a


  1. I really love your Sims, expecially the Fairy Tail ones :) I love that anime!! :3 Erza and Juvia are my favourites, so I "ninjad" them to my simscollection ;) Also a great thanks for the Fairy Tail tattoo :)

    1. thank you ♥
      I so love all fairy tail characters!
      but my favourites Erza and Natsu :D

    2. Fairy Tail 4 ever! *-*
      Yes, I'm stalking your site :D
      I'm really nosey of new sims ^///^
      How do you make them?
      And poor me, I've not all of the AddOns for Sims 3 >-< Only the classic Sims, looking forward to buy Nightlife and Supernatural first. But there are 20 AddOns T-T Lots of money for really good looking sims and really great houses and apartments :)