Friday, October 25, 2013


Undertaker is black butler(kuroshitsuji) anime-manga series character.
everyday clothing
formal clothing
sleepwear clothing
swimwear clothing
athletic clothing

Undertaker Sims & Scar : Download 
(ps: .sims3pack and .sim include) (ps: scar make up category blush)

skin: lemonleafs B2.5, eye: brntwaffles, hair and hat: newseasims
clothing: EA, mochi029modthesims, tsr and orange-sim
make up(scar) by me :)

I hope your like. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Witch Pumpkin (Happy Halloween)

My new sims Witch Pumpkin.
♥ Halloween Gifts ♥

Witch Pumpkin: Download

hair: JS Sims 3 and Butterflysims clothing: BringmevictorysimsLianasims3Lorandiasims3Simplicaz, carriesims and tsr shoes: julianasimstsr and Daisy Sims 3 skin: lemonleafs B2.5 eye: brntwaffles 
accessories: jennisims (rosa)jennisims (neck-meow-cat)Daisy Sims 3rosesims2Lorandiasims3,  tsr sclubpixicat and mitarasisims (hat) make up:  lemonleafsmodthesims and NG Sims 3.
Special thanks for all creditors.

♥ Happy Halloween ♥

Heart Quads Aces Casino MakeUp

Heart Quads Aces Casino - Face Tattoo (Female and Male Make Up)
♥ -   ♣  - ♠ - ♦ 

Heart Quads Aces Casino Make Up (category: blush): Download
- ♠1 - ♣2 - ♥3 - ♦4 -