Monday, July 1, 2013

Katsura & Takasugi Sims and Gintama Paintings

Gintama Paintings and Gintama Sims ( Katsura Kotaro & Takasugi Shinsuke )
Gintama Paintings Decor:
Katsura Kotaro:
sims 3 cas screenshot:

Takasugi Shinsuke:
sims 3 cas screenshot:

Katsura & Takasugi

Gintama Paintings Decor: Download
Katsura Kotaro Sims: Download
Takasugi Shinsuke Sims: Download

Katsura: hair Cazy Moonchild Hairstyle male version by NGSims3 (included) everyday and formal clothing EA Stor, athletic mtsims-cakestoreskin: lemonleafs B2.5, shoes momoka0501
Takasugi: hair kewai eye tsr everyday clothing tsr by ProwlerTylo, formal clothing momoka0501, athletic mtsims-cakestoreshoes EA and momoka0501 accessories(eye patch) momoka0501 skin: lemonleafs B2.5 Sword : simscave


Yorozuya(Gintoki +Shinpachi +Kagura) Sims 3 Model:

Gintama T-Shirt:

Gintama (Anime & Manga Series) Characters © Hideaki Sorachi


  1. Wow! Really cute work! As I said earlier: You are so talented in making anime-sims! They are really look like their prototypes! Well done!
    I also like paintings. And I like how you convert Cazy's hair for men))))

    1. Thank you very much! I'm really glad you liked it. :D

  2. you're amazing, please don't stop doing that xD.
    and i like to ask for Yuzuriha Inori from Guilty Crown, and thx for this amazing sims

    1. Thanks etwer :) I didn't watch Guilt crown animes but I will make Yuzuriha Inori Sims.