Sunday, March 3, 2013

Vampire Knight Sims Sets

I Love Vampire Knight Anime.
Zero Kiryuu: He is handsome, quiet, mysterious and attractive.

Kaname Kuran: He is handsome, noble and polite.

Ichijo Takuma: He is handsome and beautiful green eyes.

Kain Akatsuki: He is handsome, quiet

Aidou Hanabusa: he's my favorite character. aidou is handsome, sweet, fun and beautiful blue eyes.

Shiki Senri: He is handsome

Zero Kiryuu: Download
Kaname Kuran: Download
Ichijo Takuma: Download
Kain Akatsuki: Download
Aidou Hanabusa: Download
Shiki Senri: Download

Vampire Knight Sims Sets: Download
by NG Sims 3
I hope you like.
skin: lemonleafs B2.5
clothing: lemonleafs


  1. Wow, they really look like their anime-prototypes! Well done!

  2. Thx for letting us download this, but in the game Shiki's and Kaname's hair doesn't show up and it says that there are some missing EP or SP content, what should I do about that?